its hard to be mad while listening to frank sinatra and buddy holly but I’m managing to do it


police: 911 whats your emergency?

me: um, someone in my building is playing dubstep very loud even though its 2014.

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I love seeing people like borderline porn pages on Facebook.

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I just bought a RT sponsorship!! yipee

i am an INTJ interesting

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my niece took a shit and she yelled “gramma! babe! I pooped!” and my god did she ever. my mom is so proud of her

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Facebook keeps saying I have a friend request and I don’t

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"you’re an adult now"


"you need to choose a career"


"you need to make your own doctor’s appointment"

"your meat is huge and you look good as hell"


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I napped while listening to buddy Holly and frank Sinatra and I woke up in such a good mood!!

My mom asked me if I ever will stop having “extra skin” on my belly. She meant my stretch marks. Who says that to someone.

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